Мать двоих детей успешно продает свои голые фото в Сети. Посмотрите, за что ей платят


30-летняя американка и мать двоих детей Саммерс Вонхессен из Невады сколотила неплохое состояние на продаже своих голых фото. Примечательно, что ее фигура далека от модельных параметров, но обнаженные снимки обеспечивают ей стабильный доход от 5000 долларов в месяц.

Свои фотографи Саммерс продает Patreon, а также ведет страницу в Instagram. Как правило ее фотографирует муж-военнослужащий. Пара не нуждается в деньгах, а женщина делает это для своего удовольствия и поднятия самооценки.

До того, как Саммерс стала популярной, она ненавидела свой целлюлит и растяжки, но после того, как приобрела известность, стала гордится собственным не идеальным телом.

YOU, my dear fierce woman need to stop apologizing for youself. Stop buying into this bullshit that you need to be brave. You are already perfect. There are already people out there that find your type of sexy the most amazing kind. Be confident, own, and enjoy yourself. Once you start to do that the rest will follow. You will realize being brave is not something you should ever apply to loving yourself, it's something you do when your getting on an unbroken horse or running into a burning building. Loving yourself is a naturally given right you already have, just own that shit???✌ . . I will be posting on the new fame monkey app now too! Screen name is socalsummers come check it out! It's unsensored?because nudity isn't evil?it's natural

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I follow girls who do this nude modeling crap…they take amazing photos. They live free and interesting lives, work with awesome photographers, have killer bodies. And as I head out into the desert today, I have to laugh at myself. I'm just about none of those things. I am an ordinary stay at home mom. My body is way less than killer. I don't load up and go off all cool like on some romantic adventure. I have a 2 and 5 yr old with me…lol…they make everything really less than glamours. We will be doing our normal off roading, hiking, and I will snap a few pictures myself along the way. It's a strange thing to fall into. I've fallen in love with the hobby, and I'm eternally grateful for the support and the opportunity to show other women you can have a fucked up body and still be art 🙂

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I get so many messages from men. Married men, asking how they can help their wife feel better about herself. They are so heartfelt. I know the pain in those relationships. I watched my poor husband the first 6 years of our marriage try everything. I didn't want the lights on, like nothing. And it's sad. BOTH people in a relationship suffer so much. He really believed I was beautiful the millions of times he told me then, I didn't get it. It didn't register that I could be HIS kind of perfect, HIS kind of sexy. I wish like hell I could flip the switch for these women. Get them to see what their loved ones see. And to the women out there who haven't found the one yet…my darling YOU are already someone's perfect sexy goddess, you just don't know it yet??

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#thickthighs Thursday?? good morning my dears! Hope everyone has a beautiful day??

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