10 лучших стран по версии девушки, объехавшей весь мир


Американка Кэсси де Пекол стала первой в истории девушкой, которая объехала все 196 госсударств мира. На столь насыщенное путешествие ушло 18 месяцев. По итогам поездки она составила собственный рейтинг десяти наиболее привлекательных стран.

США. Осень в Новой Англии необходимо хоть раз почувствовать каждому.

Lots of questions coming in with the most common being, «How can I do what you do? I want to travel the world but don’t know where to start.» Thinking back to when the idea came about, I had to face several main fears of mine, the most prominent being death…The thought of maybe dying on this trip (sorry it’s depressing, but it’s true), since the risks, I was told, of traveling as a female alone would be «very high». Let me share with you what the first thing was that I had to overcome in order to get to where I am today. ? • • • If you choose to accept that the consequences of you pursuing your dream might involve death, if you’re willing to not only face your fear, but embrace your fear, learn from your fears and accept the risk of death to pursue a dream, you’ve just taken the first step towards achieving something you never deemed possible for yourself to achieve. If you choose to face the inevitable consequences of death, your mind has already made room for the freedom and choice to devote every ounce of yourself towards making that dream happen. As soon as you accept the consequences of fear, failure, and death, there will be no other option, no other choice than to motivate yourself, devote yourself, every ounce of yourself, to persevere towards succeeding in your personal life’s quest that you set out for yourself. So, throw yourself into the fire of your own fears; always know that death is near and accept that, and devote your life and every ounce of yourself to that specific quest. You can do anything, you can do what I do, if that’s what you’re into, but most importantly, you have the power to pursue your own goals and succeed in doing so by becoming accepting of death, fear and failure. • • • #expedition196

Допис, поширений Cassie De Pecol | Official (@expedition_196)

Коста-Рика. Отличная музыка, обезьяны, свежие фрукты, и вулканы…


Перу. Могучие леса Амазонии, древние города инков, а также город Агуас-Кальентес.


Тунис. В этой стране сконцентрирован дух всей Северной Африки. Здесь невероятное количество памятников архитектуры.


Оман. Стиль жизни местных жителей здесь кардинально отличается от того, как живут люди Запада.


Пакистан. Замечательная кухня и дух Азии.


Вануату. Именно здесь живут самые добрые в мире люди.

Pristine beauty of #Vanuatu ?☀️ • • • #Expedition196 #PeaceThroughTourism

Допис, поширений Cassie De Pecol | Official (@expedition_196)


Мальдивы. Самая голубая в мире вода и наиболее живописные побережья.

New vlog coming up soon of my experience at #SonevaFushi in the Maldives! ?♻️

Допис, поширений Cassie De Pecol | Official (@expedition_196)


Бутан. Поход в монастырь «Гнездо тигрицы» напоминает погружение в фильм «Аватар». Гималайская долина просто зачаровывает своей экзотикой и атмосферой.

After a 1 hour and 15 minute fast paced uphill trek, I arrived at Paro Taktsang. The pilgrimage was like something out of Avatar, a dream to trek, through low hanging clouds with a harrowing drop at any given moment on either side. Prayer flags swayed through the pines, prayer wheels spinning in the breeze, and tsa-tsas (ashes of the dead) wedged between crevices of stone. Passing over a bridge and waterfall and up the last flight of stairs, I entered one of the chambers where I was completely alone. Tip-toeing past the glowing butter candles and sacred relics, I kneeled on a rug, cracked open an aged window and rested my head on the windowsill to reflect and admire the massive 2,000ft plunge into the vast Himalayan valley below, as clouds swiftly passed. Without my phone or camera equipment, I was able to consciously enjoy this moment in peace. ? • • • #expedition196 #everycountryintheworld

Допис, поширений Cassie De Pecol | Official (@expedition_196)


Монголия. В эту страну стоит приехать, дабы побыть наедине с первозданной природой. Самое умиротворяющее место на планете.

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