Голая йогиня вызвала жаркие споры в Сети. Вы только посмотрите на ее фигуру


Кирсти Траволаччи пропагандирует не просто йогу. А голую йогу. 21-летняя девушка обзавелась внушительным количеством подписчиков в Instagram – их число составляет 30 000 человек.

Девушке пришлось столкнутся с критикой в свой адрес- ее упрекали в чрезмерной откровенности и даже высмеивали небольшую грудь. Кирсти нашла, что сказать.

«Я публикую фото во время занятий голой йогой, потому что это свободная, либеральная и частотная форма искусства, которую много люде раньше не видели», — объяснила она.

So yesterday was incredible. First off, I want to thank everyone who reached out to me from my stories with kind, loving,uplifting and positive words, the naked body is NOT a sexual object. Sex is different from nakedness. My naked body is my vessel and I appreciate you respecting that and seeing it that way too ?Anyways, about yesterday. @petranellea , @acro.evie and I hiked down to Deep Creek near Apple Valley in California. Deep creek is these pools of hot springs, slack line, nature filled & full of other naked people who don't sexualize. (Duh- it's just a body & conversations are done eye to eye not starting at others body parts ?) We spent hours in the sun, in the water, sipping on some wine(and mom-drinking lots of water). On our hike back we saw a bobcat which was freaking craaazy. Got back to Santa Barbra last night around 10 & about to have a nice chill, lady day ? #lifeisgood

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"Are we born for something bigger than a simple life on tracks? Station to station, just pressing time to the finish line Are we fooling our imaginations? Like ships on the shore or planes on the floor Or trains on the highway You're a colorful soul in a technicolor world While you're living it black and white . Where we are is not all we are It's the path we've run so far Have you ever felt so alive? You feel the blood in your veins like ice Melting down your spine Oh, have you fallen in love? Felt that shiver, that shift in your soul Crashing down like a wave On the seaside, on the seaside" — All We Are by Andy Kong . . . Enjoying my last afternoon in Coronado on the beach then saying goodbye to @stringbeanyoga ? At 3 I'm taking a train up to LA to see my "gram" bestie I've never met, @lexcreid in just a few short hours! Going to a HIIT vinyasa class later tonight in Venice & def. gonna be cuddling her kitty ? see you soon babe! . . #pincha #pinchamayurasana #HIITtoINVERT #backbend #yoga

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I've seen a lot of talk here lately pertaining to bodies, what yogis wear, etc. and all I have to say to that is: Be yourself, dress the way you want, be confident and learn to love your body in all places and all forms. Learn to show love to other people, to embrace that every single person is unique and perfect in their own way. If you are skinny, have a few extra pounds, are muscular, super tall or super short, walk around completely covered head to toe, or are naked— just do you. I, and many others will NEVER judge you for expressing yourself. I have seen a few times where people comment on others posts with horrible, degrading, judgmental and insensitive words. Truth is, some people won't understand because they don't love their own bodies so they don't understand when we accept ours so whole-heartedly. My wish for everyone is that you learn to love yourself. . Love you, you're always perfect .? #selflove #bodypositivity #everyonehasabutt

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