В Австралии запретили слишком откровенную рекламу нижнего белья


В Австралии запретили рекламу нижнего белья с моделью Playboy.

Рекламу для бренда Bras N Things посчитали слишком рискованной, чтобы демонстрировать на digital билбордах. В своем заявлении австралийское бюро рекламных стандартов отметило, что «в рекламе не указана марка белья и нет брендинга магазина, и внимание фокусируется на самом женском теле, а не на продуктах».

Всем критикам рекламы, назвавшим ее «любительским порно» модель Simone Holtznagel оставила исчерпывающий ответ в Instagram, посоветовав посмотреть настоящее порно и не оскорблять ее внешность.  

Shoutout to the prude who complained about my "vulgar" "amateur porn" advertisement for the amazing Australian brand ?Bras and Things? and had the clip banned from stores. Honestly, it's just soooo offensive to show a confident, sexy WOMAN (???) in her LINGERIE (?????) in the window of a (plot twist) — LINGERIE STORE!!!! Won't somebody please think of the children?! I mean it's just truly outrageous ?? The definition of porn is 'material containing the explicit description or display of sex organs or activity.' There is none of that here. How dare you sexualize my body. How dare- after all society's requests- you take a confident and carefree depiction of a normal, healthy womanly body, promoting women's products to women, and deem it offensive. Do not impress your insecurities on me, whether physical or sexual. But by saying my body, just comfortably being my body, is somehow 'wrong' or 'dirty' you are insulting and potentially damaging any woman who may identify with me. Keep your neuroses off my body and go watch some REAL porn, you might be less uptight ✋? Some people really do have too much time on their hands. I see people wearing less on the street and in shopping centers these days and this woman is complaining about a tasteful, beautiful advertisement which is not only showcasing the gorgeous lingerie but also showcases body confidence and embracing the feminine form! So deepest apologies to the poor soul who was so offended by my "vulgar" behavior.. But I shall continue on in being fearlessly me and embracing my curves and my confidence, and I encourage all women to do the same — and if that's so wrong then I don't want to be right ?✨??✨? (?Y?)

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